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Making life better by making homecare easier.

Homecare By Design started in 2008, but its core ideas had been brewing for decades.

Founder, Traci Goudy started out as an RN working in local retirement communities for 10 + years and took a leap of faith to start one of the first homecare agencies in the Greater Lafayette area. After a few very successful years in the homecare industry, she began noticing some interesting patterns:

  • What if seniors could prevent coming to us in crisis mode after an injury?
  • What if we can prevent depression and isolation in our seniors?
  • What if we can assist in fixing clients’ homes that are in disarray?
  • What if we can help our clients’ children advocate for their parent’s needs?

Traci took this as an opportunity to create “ A Senior Community Without Walls”. The idea is simple, Homecare By Design would offer as many of the perks of a retirement community as we could without having to move into one. The Clubhouse officially opened in West Lafayette where seniors could attend activities like book clubs, art classes, exercise classes, social engagements, and more!

Today, we have multiple homecare clients and West Lafayette seniors who have memberships to our clubhouse. They remain independent in their home with the perk of socialization at the clubhouse.

As we continue to expand our footprint, our brand continues to keep three guided principles in mind when providing care: Personalized, Exceptional, and Consistent.

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