Conversation Starters to Discuss Homecare with Your Loved One

As our loved ones age, there often comes a time when we need to discuss the topic of
home care. While this can be a sensitive and challenging conversation, it’s essential to
ensure their safety, well-being, and quality of life. Starting this dialogue with seniors can
be made more comfortable with some thoughtful approaches and open
communication. Here are some tips on how to initiate this conversation:
Signs that could indicate your loved one needs extra help at home:

  • Cluttered house, pots and pans stacking up
  • Missing does of medication
  • Difficulty with balance and mobility
  • Confusion over familiar tasks
  • Decline in personal hygiene
  • Weight loss
  • Signs of depression
  • Loss of interest in favorite hobbies or activities

Conversation starters

Increasing Frailty

“I love you very much and I’m worried about your safety and wellbeing. I know someone
who can help us with tips to make it easier for you to get around the house and remain
as independent as possible. Can I have her come over to talk with us?”

“If you won’t accept some help, you may need to move to a residential care home or
move to a property that is more practical for you. But if you do accept some form of help
at home, it could allow you to stay in your home longer.”

“We can hire a home care company or move you to a long-term facility, or you could
move to Iowa to live with my sister. Which do you prefer?”

Falling/ Difficulty with Mobility

“I don’t want to sit by and watch you struggle and perhaps get hurt. Because I worry
about you and want you to be safe and comfortable at home, I think we should talk
about having someone come to the house to help out a little bit.”

“Mom, I have some extra money. What do you say we find someone to help you with
some of the bigger cleaning jobs at home like vacuuming and changing the sheets? It
would make me feel good to treat you.”

“I’m worried about you falling and hurting yourself when there is no one around to help. I
know someone who can come and give us tips on how to make you and your home
safer from falls. Can I set up an appointment for her to come over and talk with us?”

Trouble with Medication

“I don’t know how you manage to keep all of those medications straight. I’ve heard
about these medication dispensers that tell you when to take which medicines and even
dispense the correct dosage. Wouldn’t it be great to have one of those? I know
someone who can help us with that.”


“Lately I’ve noticed that it seems hard for you to keep up with the housework the way I
know you like it. Can we talk about why this is happening?”

“Bringing in an assistant for cleaning, shopping, meals and laundry would alleviate any
worry about finishing up all of your daily household chores when you are tired.”

“I’m afraid you might trip on one of these piles and hurt yourself. Let’s come up with a
solution together so that I don’t need to worry and you can continue living at home if that
is what you would like to do.”

Declining Personal Hygiene

“Hiring a nurse aide to assist with your bathing and personal care would allow us more
quality time together.”

“I think it may be time to have someone come to help you out at home with a few things.
Let’s work together to come up with a solution that we can both live with.”

“We can work together to select your caregiver and I won’t leave you with someone you
feel uncomfortable with. The agency and I will make every effort to find someone who
shares similar interests with you and before you know it, I bet you and your caregiver
will become good friends.”

Losing Weight/ Meal Preparation

“Dad, I noticed that Mom is having trouble keeping up with meal preparations and
housework. It would be so nice for her to have someone come in a few days a week to
help with these things. What do you think?”

“Since Dad passed away, I noticed you are losing weight. For a little while at least, I
think it might help to keep your nutrition up if we have someone help you with meal
planning and preparation.”

Can No Longer Drive

“I know you miss the independence of having a car and being able to get out as often as
you would like. If you hired a home care assistant for a few hours several times a week,
you could do the things again that you’ve been missing….shopping, visiting friends,
running to the bank.”

So what services can your loved one get from Homecare By Design? We help with any
activities and needs that seniors may have throughout their day. Some of our services

● Companionship
● Grocery shopping
● Meal preparation
● Diet Monitoring
● Light housekeeping
● Transportation
● Help sorting through mail
● Supervising maintenance repairs
● Hygiene assistance
● Bathing and dressing
● Organization
● Appointment reminders
● Medication reminders

To learn more tips on starting conversations with seniors or to set up a complimentary in-home assessment contact us online or call (765) 464-8080.

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