Exceptional, Personalized, and Consistent Home Care


Hi, I’m David Morgan. I’m one of the owners of Home Care by Design. I’m joined by Emily Middlesworth, who is our executive director.

We serve older adults in West Lafayette and Lafayette, and right now we are on Purdue’s campus, obviously. Boiler Up! It’s just an honor to help older adults here.

We’ve been doing it for more than 20 years in the community, and there are three things that we promise to every client that we work with. The first one is that we are gonna provide exceptional care to really good caregivers. You know what they’re doing.

It comes alongside of you in a way that’s meaningful for your family. The second promise that we have is that we’re gonna provide personalized service. Emily, tell us a little bit about what personalized service means.

Absolutely, so every client that comes to us gets a dedicated care manager. We start with a complimentary assessment. We go out to the home.

We want to meet your loved ones, get to know everything, all your care needs, your interests, and really just tailor the care specifically to each client. Yeah, and then the third thing is we’re all about consistency, right? I think about one client caregiver, and the caregiver’s helped this family for more than a decade, right? And she loves hosting the family for meals. The caregiver helps the client make those family recipes that are so important to the family and allows the family to gather.

And really, we do become part of the family. That’s what we’re all about, and provide exceptional, personalized, and consistent home care for clients in West Lafayette and in the Lafayette area. So it’s an honor and a privilege to help you, and we thank you for the opportunity.

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